There are two words that will give you a competitive edge in your business, separate you from the crowd, and empower you to develop an influential network of champions. The words "thank you" are simple, but at the same time extremely powerful.

After I meet someone for the first time or engage in a new business relationship, I always mail them a thank you card. Yes, I mail a physical card to their home or business. I don’t take the easy, lazy way out by emailing an e-card that will likely go directly into their spam. People are absolutely blown away by a simple thank you card! Why? Because in today’s society, schedules are so hectic that people are chaotically running around trying to get ahead and don’t take the time to acknowledge their customers, clients or colleagues. So, it’s really surprising when someone actually takes the time to say that they appreciate someone else. Sometimes we forget the simplest things in life are the most powerful and rewarding.

I challenge you to try it. Start sending personalized Thank You cards to people in your life and business. You will begin to establish the reputation as a person that appreciates others. Simple actions reap big rewards! How? People will feel comfortable doing more business with you and even introducing you to their contacts based on the level of respect that you showed them in the past. Your most notable achievements in life will be the result of the relationships that you build with others.

Yes, it’s really that easy. Just say… Thank You!

You are a Champion!

John Di Lemme

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