A special invitation and time-sensitive message to help you make 2012 “THE
Year of Supernatural Miraculous, Eye Ball Popping, People Stopping, Jaw-Dropping
Abundant Overflow in Your Life”, from Strategic Business Coach John Di Lemme
for a select few customers and VIP students only…

People WILL be asking this when they hear what I’ll share in this letter:
“Has John lost his mind?”

I say this, because this letter may be the MOST IMPORTANT message to ever cross your desk!
READ ON…I have some shocking news and an amazing offer to share with you.



Will 2012 Be ‘The Year’ of Massive Breakthroughs in Your Business and Life or a Stubborn Replay of Mediocrity, Excuses and Struggle?


I’m writing you to share how we can join forces to make 2012 your BEST YEAR EVER!Only you can decide, but I will Warn YOU in advance: if you continue to buy into the “Merchants of Fear” regarding the Economy, You Will Have a Tough Road Ahead.


From: The Desk of John Di Lemme

Fellow Success Seeker and ‘Why’ Warrior,

You have received this letter as you are the ‘elite of the elite’ as either a current or past “Champion customer” of mine. Let me start by saying thank you for your business! As I reflected back recently, after another life-changing Mastermind weekend with my top NAVY Seal ‘Why Warrior’ Champion students, I thought to myself:  John, you’ve got to push it up, FIRE UP even more and help more people wake up out of their economic coma’s to show them PROVEN ways to make 2012 an amazing year!

Sadly, we’re still losing far too many entrepreneurs and business owners and it’s really not about the economy, but something which is often overlooked and even more sinister. What am I describing here? It’s simple to me, but difficult for 95% of the businesses floundering in the market which is suffering from a massive break down in three key areas: 

#1. Mindset    #2. Marketing    #3. Trust

 On the other hand, my associates and coaching clients are CRUSHING IT! 2011 wasn’t about “wait-and-see” but going on the offense –in spite of naysayers- and having huge success!

So many people continue to struggle and allow their potential greatness to fade away into the grave yard of lost dreams by allowing a potent combination of negative media, fear-based competitors, politicians, and broke friends to scare them into the myth that business is bad and no one is making any money. ENOUGH! I know and have seen first-hand that this is a massive lie.

I’m here to set the record straight, share with you an amazing offer
and DEMOLISH this myth into a million pieces once and for all!

Since I simply can’t round up all the broke life-coaches, Internet marketing frauds, media ‘fear-mongers’ and false prophets within the business landscape and drop them off on a deserted island, I’ve opted to take massive action and lead from the front! I’m taking massive action as we begin 2012 and doing something that even my inner circle of business and mastermind associates will be shocked at.

Will you leap ahead this year or plod along “hoping” to just get by?

I raided the massive success vault, pondered, racked my brain, hand-picked and FINALLY assembled the 2012 ‘Why Warrior’ Motivation & Marketing Blueprint to Higher Profits System for those looking to get ahead once-and-for-all! No more games, excuses, or reasons will be allowed for people to not have access to life-changing strategies that my TOP STUDENTS ranging from doctors, attorneys, real estate pros, to nurses, network marketer’s and countless entrepreneurs swear by!


Here’s just a small sampling of the mental and marketing strategies I’ll reveal within the 2012 ‘Why Warrior’ Motivation & Marketing Blueprint to Higher Profits System:

  • How to overcome the one BIG excuse which is holding back the big miracle breakthrough in your life to press on when others attempt to foolishly sway you off course
  • Rarely revealed mindset strategies to overcome fear, doubt and ‘dream stealers’ so that you can  finally achieve your Why (your ultimate purpose) in life and the level of success that you’ve only dreamed of in the past 
  • Million dollar marketing secrets that few  people, yet alone your competition, really know about that will give you a HUGE advantage within your chosen business or field
  • How to demolish fear, procrastination, and doubt once and for all and become a laser-focused, action-taking, record breaking, goal achieving champion
  • Why success is not a get-rich quick scheme but a focused 2-5 year plan that anyone can learn and master
  • Why your associations make ALL the difference in whether you’ll have a life of abundance and legacy or struggle and mediocrity
  • How and why you MUST reprogram and defend your mind on a daily basis like a hawk from those who attempt to steal your ‘Why’ and motivation
  • World class goal-setting techniques that few people know about that TOP achievers use to get and stay ahead in any economy or when dealing with temporary challenges
  • Why follow up with customers is the #1 skill to master that few people understand that costs them a fortune in missed opportunities and sustained profits
  • Four Specific Money-Making “Call to Actions” that You Must Use in All and I mean ALL of Your Marketing Efforts or Else You are Wasting Your Time and Money!


That’s just a tiny sneak peek behind the curtain at many of the proven strategies and secrets I’m going to share with you, along with other success breakthroughs from my top students and current business and mastermind partners. These are real-time marketing lessons pulled from what’s working right now in my own businesses (all having record breaking years by the way!) and those of my students who again cover a diverse and amazing spectrum of industries ranging from law, medicine, to retail and network marketing.

I could literally go on for days about all the insider secrets, techniques, jaw-dropping success knowledge and crucial life and business lessons for staying positive, sane, and successful in a mostly depressed, insane, and fear based world that are in this amazing system, however….


The more years I spend on this earth, the more I find myself aggravated and drained by
middle-of-the-road, can’t-make-up-their-minds, afraid-to-take-a-risk losers who are basically paralyzed with fear…and never even attempt to live their lives with any semblance of gusto or passion.


I understand this mindset. Heck, I was surrounded by most of it my life as a diagnosed stutterer who was given advice by ‘dream stealers’ and ‘well-intentioned’ people who inflicted embarrassment and mental grief upon me that’s almost unimaginable, and is still to this day incredibly difficult for me to think back on and talk about.

Many of you know my story…but let’s fast-forward to what really counts: TODAY! Now as a professional speaker, bestselling author, and world-class strategic business coach I can no longer afford to be anywhere near the people I just described. Their toxic, fear-based, defeatist attitudes and opinions nearly destroyed my ‘Why’ and chance to positively change lives worldwide.

On the other hand…I’m greatly exhilarated and FIRED UP by action-oriented, “let’s-roll-up-our-sleeves-and-get-the-job-done” optimistic, positive thinking, goal-achieving, and forward-moving people like you.


I BELIEVE I know something about you and I’ll say it right now…You are one excuse away from a miracle! Why do I make such a bold and controversial statement? The answer’s easy: you’ve already raised your hand and ordered one of my products or attended a “live” event with me and this says a lot about you, (sadly 95% of the population never get the memo) and here it is:




Here’s What Real People Are Saying
About John Di Lemme…

Real people. Real truth. Real results.

“I can confidently say that I am eternally grateful for John’s coaching
that saved my life and taught me how to live again.”

"When I first met John in 2008, I was slowly killing myself by allowing my weight to soar to over 300 pounds.  My obesity brought on diabetes, hypertensive, and sleep apnea. I was plagued with an essential tremor and full of excuses of why I was not accomplishing my desired results in life. I was only 65 years old at the time, but I knew that I wouldn't last much longer if I didn't make a change. Today, I have shed over 125 pounds and gained a new respect for life. As I hold my beautiful granddaughter, Jewel, I can confidently say that I am eternally grateful for John's coaching that saved my life and taught me how to live again."
–Dr. Benny McDaniel, Optometrist, Tennessee

“Over the last 12-months my income has quadrupled!”

“John Di Lemme and his entire team have been instrumental in creating an internal change in me that has cleared up and moved me to a place I've been trying to get to since 8th grade. With his insightful coaching and total immersion approach, it's hard not to succeed. Over the last 12- months my income has quadrupled!  I would recommend John Di Lemme and his company to anyone looking for change.”
–John Adolfi, Real Estate Broker, New York

“Took me from filing bankruptcy to building a million dollar business.”

"John's skill as a coach has empowered me to be bold, direct, and laser-focused on opening relationships to close more business.  His closing strategies and daily affirmations took me from filing bankruptcy to building a million dollar company. Thank you Coach for providing outstanding wisdom, sharing your enthusiasm, and continuing to set the bar higher and higher!"
-Dorcie Farkash, Millionaire CEO & Business Owner, Texas

“My business has grown four times and last week was the busiest week in fifteen years!”

“John Di Lemme’s closing and marketing strategies have really changed my life! My business has grown four times, and last week was the busiest week in fifteen years! It is just incredible! Thanks a million!”
-Dr. Christa Krzeminski, Chiropractor, Florida

“I now have clarity and can go forward with confidence.”

“John you believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself.  Thank you!  I feel so much better about myself, my future, my business and most of all my Why, which I didn’t have before I met you.  I now have clarity and can go forward with confidence.” –Lurena Cobb, Courier Service Owner, Florida


Even More Proof that John Dilemme is the Real Deal from
Just a Few of the Hundreds of testimonials He has on File…

Will YOUR Testimonial Be Next After Investing in the
2012 ‘Why Warrior’ Motivation & Marketing Blueprint to Higher Profits System?

“I am on my way to my LARGEST MONTH EVER!!!”

“I just finished the busiest weekend EVER in catering. As a result, I had my largest weekend EVER!!!!!!!!! I am on my way to my LARGEST MONTH EVER!!!! What a way to end THE BEST YEAR EVER!!!!!!!!! FIRED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”-Zev Kershman, Hospitality Services

“I was miserable, seeking advice from miserable people and inking deeper into the black hole of depression…I went to an event and felt different…my faith in myself, my business
and my future has exploded.”

“Wow John this was an amazing teaching! Thank you! I have realized over the past several months that I had given my dream to the enemy. I was miserable, seeking advice from miserable people, and sinking deeper into the black hole of depression…I decided to listen to a Monday night call and went to an event and felt different after each. I realize now my belief was coming back. Since then, as you know, I have stepped out in faith and my business has increased, my waistline and hips have decreased and my faith in myself, my business and my future has exploded.  I read my WHY several times a day, the 210 Affirmations day and night and read for an hour a day.  I just can’t get enough.  My schedule is solid daily and I NEVER WANT TO GO BACK TO WHERE I WAS.  I can't say THANK YOU enough... See you Friday...” -Lenora J. Nave, Entrepreneur


“John’s closing strategies worked and have radically changed my life!”

“Without John and his team, I would have been lost, when my company shut down my job for the second time.  John kept me focused and gave me belief in myself that I can do whatever I set my mind to do!  John’s teachings have given me the confidence to contact potential clients and offer my services for what I am truly worth.  I used words that I learned in the Closing University to build long-term relationships with new clients and secure business for years to come. John’s closing strategies worked and have radically changed my life!” –Vernon Jeter, Computer Specialist, Kentucky


“John’s coaching has saved my life!”

“John’s coaching has saved my life! I’m health results are record-breaking, and I believe in my future again.” -Dale Hairgrove, Entrepreneur, Texas


"John, you give us such support and love.”

"John, you give us such support and love. I want to give that appreciation back to you as we can’t possibly express how much you are appreciated by the Lifestyle Freedom Club members. Thank you so much for what you do!  Your message, support, and love for all of us is greatly appreciated. I have faith that with your support and guidance, we will prosper to be able to give back to the world one hundred fold.  What a legacy we will leave, and we have you to thank for that."
-Kay Case, Professor & Entrepreneur


“Your teachings are world class.”

"When Steve Jobs died, everyone was commenting on how much he had given to society. Few people in the world have such a profound effect on people as he did. You are in that rare class of people who have this impact on the world; however, more importantly, you impact people's lives directly. Your teachings are world class. Your commitment to your students, to all of our Whys, and to fighting the fear and procrastination that the world tries to push on us is inspiring. Thanks for everything you do!"
- Dr. Ira Bloomfield, Physician & Consultant


“Thanks to John’s strategic business coaching, I am the healthiest that I’ve been in twenty years…”

“I’ve been a coaching student of John Di Lemme for seven years. John has challenged me and said things that I didn't like to hear that revealed the truth about me and what I needed to do to achieve success. Thanks to John’s strategic business coaching, I am the healthiest that I’ve been in twenty years and my entire family has lost weight in excess of 200 pounds. My business has exploded in which I basically went from being an overweight, confused, unfulfilled man to sharing my business on national television shows and well-known supermarkets. Thank you John Di Lemme for all that you have done and what you continue to do for me and my entire family!
- George Duhart, CEO of George Gee’s All Purpose BBQ Sauce


These “Real Testimonials” are just the tip of the iceberg
that we receive on a daily basis (…Are You Next!)


2012 looks to be another year of intense, painful, and challenging hand-to-hand combat for
MOST businesses, unless…they look fear, procrastination and lack of focus in the eye, and take
pro-active steps to address it, smack it down and leave it behind once and for all!

*(Yes: Even my CPA, attorney and mastermind partners think I’ve lost my mind this time!)

This system is over 6-months in the making and WILL positively change even more lives and legacies worldwide! Here’s what’s included in this massive ‘Shock and Awe’ Blueprint System that will surely have our UPS delivery guy shaking his head in disbelief when he nearly strains his back attempting to lift this MASSIVE, destiny changing box off the ground and onto his truck:


#1.  One-Year Membership to the ‘Legendary’ Lifestyle Freedom Millionaire Champion Club (LFC) – ($1,997.00 value!)

#2. A MP3 Player Loaded with the Entire ‘2009-2011’ Lifestyle Freedom Club Millionaire Success Events Plus the Entire Closing and Marketing University Teachings – Over 117+ Hours of Proven Time-Tested FEAR Demolishing Wisdom ($1,297.00 value!)

#3. 365 “Live” Why Warrior Word of the Day Messages from John ($397.00 value!)

#4. CDs from the 2-day “2011 Closing and Marketing University” Boot Camp – 11 CD Set ($1,997.00 value!)

#5. All ‘7’ of John’s Life-Changing Books (Including:  '7' Principles to Live a Championship Life, '177' Motivational Success Quotes to Live a Championship Life, '17' Highly Guarded Strategies on  How to Close More Sales & Overcome the Fear of Closing Guaranteed, 10 Life Lessons on How to Find Your Why Now, Champions are Born Losers Are Made, My Dream Journal, & 47 Must Use Words in Every Piece of Marketing You Do for Your Business ($197.00 value!)

#6. CDs from the 2011 ‘Why Warrior Total Immersion’ Event – 13 CD Set ($497.00 value!)

#7.  ‘177’ Marketing Motivational Subject Lines on How to Break Records in Your Business and have the Best Year Ever GUARANTEED!!! 'BRAND NEW' Double DVD/CD with Transcript, List of Subject Lines Plus Bonus MP3 on How to Maximize the Program ($997.00 value!)

#8. No-Holds Barred Access to the Online Lifestyle Freedom Club Member Only Website with over 1800+ hours of Amazing, Life-Changing Information (Priceless!)

#9. Special Report “47 Must Use Words in Every Piece of Marketing You do for Your Business” CD Plus Word for Word Transcript ($297.00 value!)

#10. World Famous Motivational Fear-Demolishing, Action-Taking, MUSIC CDs – 4 CD Set ($97.00 value!)

#11. Find Your Why Now Daily '21' Specific Proven Action Champion Checklist ($197 Value!)

#12. Set of 24 Motivational Posters - 12 Large 8x10 Posters and (12) 4x6 Posters ($197.00 value!)

#13. Motivational Millionaire Affirmation Magnet ($17.00 value!)

14. Why Warrior Champion T-Shirt Plus Millionaire Motivational Champion Dog Tag with Affirmations ($47.00 value!)

#15. And Yet Another…
(27) Additional CDs Hand-Picked by John to Supercharge your life ($1,297.00 value!)


This is a total value of…

$11,325.00 of Proven, Life-Changing, Fear Demolishing, Income Producing Resources, Audios, Books, and Ongoing Coaching Directly With Me


I’ve got one of the 2012 ‘Why Warrior’ Motivation & Marketing Blueprint to Higher Profits System ‘Shock and Awe’ boxes with your name on it and I’ll send it immediately when you say “YES” and invest in the smartest and most valuable thing in the world which is…yourself!

The System and ALL the valuable benefits that go with it…is only $1,197.00. If your one of the first 50 people who takes action by 03/31/12 I’ll knock an additional $200.00 of this already ridiculously steal-of-a-deal (SEE: Enclosed Green Sheet titled: “I’m FIRING ‘My Bozo’ VIP Discount Form” with more details) so you only pay $997.00. This is not a misprint! That works out to be a ridiculously low investment of only…

$2.73 a DAY!

Heck, I’ve seen homeless people spend twice that much on their daily coffee and cigarettes so I’ll bet that you could easily scrounge up a few bucks a day without even trying or by simply taking a bag lunch to work once or twice a week or skipping an expensive coffee a couple of times per week.

 “There are no victims, only volunteers.”
-Lee Milteer

There’s simply NO excuse whatsoever for not getting this system today and waiting even one more second, hour or day by risking the chance to not take me up on this amazing, life-changing offer (and…receive an additional $200.00 in savings if you are one of the first 50 people to act by 03/31/12 – see green sheet with Bozo picture) to change your destiny for the better and finally make 2012 THE Year of Supernatural Miraculous, Eye Ball Popping, Jaw-Dropping People Stopping Abundant Overflow in Your Life!

So, take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity and make the smartest investment of 2012 by investing in yourself and the Brand New 2012 ‘Why Warrior’ Motivation & Marketing Blueprint to Higher Profits System at a ridiculously low investment of $997.00 (First 50 people who respond by 03-31-12) vs. $11,034.00 if you were to purchase everything separately in the system on its own!

Call our office toll-free:

Or order online at www.LifestyleFreedomClub.com/2012blueprint

I’m FIRED UP and looking forward to welcoming you into the Lifestyle Freedom Club and expanding your mind to see, and experience a whole new world of possibility and profits, not fear and mediocrity when you take advantage of this incredible program!

Your Coach & Partner in Profits,

John Di Lemme
Specializing in Mentoring Champions Worldwide to
Break Records in every area of their Lives for 10+ Years...

P.S. Look, you can deny it if you want, listen to false prophets and merchants of doubt around you, in your industry and within the media and hope for the best…but the economy has changed the way money is moving and being made. I don’t think it’s ever going back to how it was just a
few short years ago.

Nowadays, you have to be totally in tune and up to date with the changes in buyer motivations, mindset, and spending habits. If you don’t know how to strategically react to these constant changes and at the same time defend your mind from the loud chorus of naysayers and ‘doom-and-gloom’ type of people, you’re going to lose out on at least HALF of your potential sales and income. Maybe more…

Or worse, you may not even be in business next year. The choice is yours. If you want to swing for the fences, hit home runs and have your BEST year ever (see the enclosed testimonials as 100%, iron-clad proof, that what I’m saying is not hype, but the real deal) you need to pick up the bat, get in the game and order this system right now.

You might have been able to coast along up until a few years ago without this type of system and possibly done OK. Not anymore…

Your Survival
Depends on It!

So what are you waiting for?

Let me hear from you today!

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Or order online at www.LifestyleFreedomClub.com/2012blueprint

P.P.S: I can guarantee you of one thing based on 10+ years of helping champions worldwide. If you’ve read this far and still don’t take me up on this ‘destiny-changing’ system and incredible offer, the odds are extremely high that you’ll still be stuck in the same place you are today, a week, month, or surely a year from now. Don’t let the enemies of fear; procrastination, doubt, and mediocrity hold you back for even one more second in your quest to have your BEST year ever in 2012!