Say your affirmations first thing in the morning to create an atmosphere of expectation for your entire day.


Believe in yourself and your dream. If you don’t, who will?


You must commit to doing everyday what others only do occasionally for your dream.


Decision plus action equals results. Make the decision to take the action needed and create the results that you desire.


Strive for excellence in everything that you do. No matter what it is!


Faith stands and fear runs. Stand faithfully strong on your Why and refuse to allow fear to steal your dream.


You will reap what you sow. Make sure that you are sowing seeds of greatness in the lives of others through your giving to guarantee a supernatural harvest.


Your daily habits will determine your level of success – good or bad.


Inspire others through your daily actions, decisions and habits. People are watching you. What do they see?


Don’t allow the enemy to steal your joy for life! Stare fear in the face with a joyful attitude and know that you will achieve your Why in life.


Make a conscious decision to be kind to everyone you meet. It’s not about how they treat you. It’s about how you decide to treat others with a level of kindness far beyond what they expect.


You must absolutely love your Why in life! If you don’t passionately love your Why, then you will never achieve it.


Faith doesn’t make sense; that’s why it makes miracles. Expect your miracle! Don’t just hope for it. Expect it, look for it and declare that your miracle is real!


Say this right now, “Nothing will stop me from living MY Champion life and achieving my dreams!”


I can absolutely say that you will face adversity on your success journey. Instead of running from it, face it and overcome it. Don’t allow fear to intimidate you and steal your dream. You are an overcomer!


Understand that success is a 2 to 5 year process and refuse to take shortcuts that will ultimately lead to failure.


Most people spend too much time running from one thing to the next trying to figure out how to achieve success. The real answer lies deep in your heart, but you must get quiet and take the time to listen.


Your results are your responsibility. You are responsible for your life and whether you succeed or fail. It’s time that you start taking responsibility for your actions.


Preparation predicts prosperity. Schedule every second of your day so that you are prepared for anything!


Refuse to listen to the naysayers. Receive only the truth about yourself and your dream.


It’s time for you to unleash your inner Why Warrior! Stand up and fight for your Why. Don’t back down from the enemy that is trying to steal your dreams!


Understand the value of your life. You were born a champion and your birth certificate gives you the right to achieve lifestyle freedom.


Be a winner not a whiner. Champions train and whiners complain!


Do you know your Why? If not, it’s time that you x-ray your heart, mind and soul to figure how exactly what you want out of life. Your Why is the reason that you get out of bed every day. It’s your ultimate purpose. What’s your Why? Look deep inside and find it. I promise you that it’s there!


Everything that you want out of life comes down to YOU! It’s your decisions and commitment that will get you where you want to go and assist you with the ultimate achievement of your Why.


Last but not least, you must have zest for life. Get out of bed every morning fired up and declare that you are a Champion! Each and every day is a present so open it with great expectation.