What 100 Days of Coaching with
John Di Lemme has Done for Me…

John Di Lemme Selfie with Emilie Latour

I had my first coaching call with John Di Lemme on March 1, 2016 about 75 days into my coaching program. It was really helpful to get me to start focusing on what I need to improve, and it was encouraging because I wasn’t sure if I was heading in the right direction. It was good to get some positive feedback on that.

The main thing that the coaching has helped me with is my self-belief, self-esteem and self-confidence.

Every day, I come face to face with myself and there is only so much I can do to avoid the things I don’t want to deal with. I had been “trying” to develop myself for many years, thinking that I was moving forward, but I wasn’t.

I was doing self-help, but it never stuck. I wasn't committed, because I didn’t know what I was committing to. It doesn’t even come close or compare to what I have experienced in the past 3 months.

I have changed and grown more than ever, found my Why (ultimate purpose), and made it stronger by speaking it out loud every day.

I’m constantly improving!

I’m consistently taking action!

I’m discovering more about myself!

I’m much stronger physically and emotionally than I was when I started. I’m shifting my focus from my past to my unexplainable, unachievable future by investing in the intangible asset that is my mind. I used to believe that it was selfish to be focused on myself.

I was taught to put others first, but without my health, my positive attitude, and billion dollar mindset, I am of service to no one.

I’ve always wanted to help people, be a humanitarian, a defender, but I didn’t know how I could be humble and wealthy at the same time. As long as I do what is right in my personal and in turn professional life - provide extreme customer service, exceed my client’s expectations by offering value that exceeds price, be loving and caring, and give amazing bonuses - then I will deserve and receive all the wealth in the world.

My legacy starts with me. I want my true colors to shine and my actions to come straight from my heart. I also want my lifestyle and story be inspirational. Once my full potential has been unleashed, there is no going back!

I increased my giving by 50% yesterday so I am now officially giving 10% of my income. I also give things that are priceless, like smiles, greetings, kind words of appreciation and lending an ear to listen.

It’s amazing what these seemingly small acts will do to change someone’s day.

I’m so grateful to be part of this amazing DDG community, it has opened me up to so much positivity and is the family I never had. I have truly found a home in this community.

I want to thank John and Christie for being there for me and pushing me out of my comfort zone, with love, when I needed it. I want to thank all the Champions for sharing their stories and experiences, I have been very touched and blessed to be a part of your lives and look forward to many more years of getting to know you all better. – Emilie Latour, Canada

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